Array ( ) *Ecaho - Grey Arabian Stallion by *Pepton out of Etruria by Palas
*Ecaho photo


(*Pepton x Etruria by Palas)
1990 Arabian Stallion
Grey (homozygous)
15.0 hands (152 cm)


Amanda Mitchell
Honeysuckle Rose North
West Stockbridge, Massachusetts 01266
United States
Phone: 413-841-7125
Web Site:

Sire of World and International winners!

The incomparable qualities exhibited by *ECAHO are the direct result of hundreds of years of Polish breeding genius. Brilliantly conceived from generations of exemplary Arabian foundation stock, *ECAHO represents a remarkable manifestation of fundamental breed characteristics faithfully inherited from several illustrious sources. These extraordinary endowments are inherited with incredible consistency by his accomplished and capable get.



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Additional Information

Type - distinctive, unmistakable, undeniably Arabian - from the exotic forehand and the proud tail carriage to the elegant, harmonious build and the overall radiant quality and refinement, *ECAHO in all ways epitomizes the prototypical Arabian stallion. Presence - disarming, dignified, regal and transcendent - *ECAHO exudes it from every pore. A model Arabian head and neck define the elegant forehand of *ECAHO. Triangularly shaped with good width between soft, kind eyes and excellent depth, curvature and breadth of jowl, *ECAHO's head is exotically refined with a prominent forehead, definitive dish and fine, tapered muzzle. His large, dark, intelligent eyes are well set on the corners of his sculpted head; his ears are small, well shaped and tightly placed at the poll. This splendid head hinges beautifully on a lengthy, clean throatlatch and an extravagantly long, well muscled and elegantly arched neck, which in turn, emerges high and clean from the chest, shoulders and withers and is proudly and majestically carried. *ECAHO's elegant forehand, with the exotic head and extreme neck, is one of the best to ever emerge from Poland. Marvelously made with a superlative skeleton, considerable substance, strength of constitution and harmonious balance, *ECAHO ranks as one the most ideally conformed Arabian stallions of today. Animated, ground covering, lofty and powerful with incredible strength, balance and impulsion, the athletic ability exhibited by *ECAHO best reflects the most respected qualities of the Arabian in motion. Coupled with an intelligent, willing disposition as well as considerable courage, tenacity and fortitude, the exceptional functionality of *ECAHO promises success in a variety of performance endeavors.

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